We put the "padding" in mouse pad.

Experience the Comfort

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Ergonomically Better

- Cushioned everywhere, with no inflammation-causing wrist bump.
- Dissipates desk-contact bone and carpal pressure points.
- Unlimited hand positions reduce repetitive motion damage.
- Tilts hand forward slightly for a more neutral mousing angle.

Cushioned Bliss

You don't sleep on a wooden board for 8 hours per day, so why should your wrist suffer on a hard desk for 8 hours per day?

Loftmat provides the pressure-relief you and your employees need for safer and more comfortable work and play.

Durable & Quality

Sewn and engineered with a custom long-life springy foam that won't hinder mouse movement.

Loftmats are built to last. ...but in the event we messed up, our warranty is unbeatable.

Size Options

From smaller arm supports to full-desk-size mats, we have size options.
Our size measurements are from edge to edge.

Customer Reviews

Game changer!!! My job is solely done on a computer and I've been having a lot of pain in my wrist. I've been using a very soft wrist rest for years. I recently did my research and determined that using a wrist rest is actually not recommended by a lot of ergonomic specialists and likely the cause of my pain. Who knew?! I bought this cushioned mouse pad and got rid of my wrist rest. I've only been using it for a couple days but pain is gone. Seriously!!!

Michele - Amazon Customer