Q: How do I clean my Loftmat Pillowcore mouse pad?   
A: The best method for dust is to brush off, give it a sideways clap, or vacuum, (also compressed-air works wonders);  For grime and goo, gently wipe with a damp cloth.  Finally, for stubborn hair (cats like these things too), use sticky tape or a tape lint roller.  Do not submerge in water, avoid spills entirely. 

Q. My mouse doesn't work on my mouse pad.
A:  If you have already changed the batteries (if your mouse has batteries), try gently cleaning the laser lens underneath with a cotton swab.  Often when a lens gets slightly dusty or hazy it will work well on some surfaces and not others. 

Q:  Are Loftmats allergenic?
A:  Simply put, Loftmats are made with the same raw material compounds as found in clothing and pillows/mattresses/seat cushions/tennis shoes.  While the blends may vary, the ingredients are no different and are non-allergenic.   

Q: Is a Loftmat better than a wrist rest or a flat mouse pad? 
A: Most definitely yes.  Ergonomic scientists have disputed those two options readily available to consumers because: 
   1. The raised wrist rest design restricts and compresses tendons, nerves, blood vessels, etc in the raised area.  While it does relieve some pressure points at first use, it creates a new area of inflammation in the lower wrist in doing so.  It also restricts arm movement and forces a wrist bending motion to move the mouse. 
   2. A flat rubber mouse pad allows for full motion to reduce wrist bending, but does not cushion bones, nerves, tendons, and blood vessels properly, thus also causing severe pains in the hand and carpal region.

In conclusion, the Loftmat cushions out all pressure points through a very large area of your hand and arm - reducing inflammation and bone pain, and allows for fluid arm motion all over, thus removing the disputed weaknesses of the current mainstream recommendations. 

Update: We did end up creating our version of a wrist rest type mouse pad, as we had so many requests for us to do so.  We don't necessarily recommend it as being as ideal ergonomically, but for users who don't want to break away from the wrist rest design, we have extended the cushion area to be larger and safer, and we added cushion to the lower level as well to help reduce the flaws of other wrist rests out there.  Ergonomically, this rest design still creates motion limitations, but for some users, it is still more ergonomically beneficial over the narrower, stiffer wrist rest designs out there as the Loftmat version reduces pressure points more effectively over the larger pillow area.

Q: Is the Loftmat guaranteed to fix my wrist pain?
A: While we are confident that Loftmat mouse pads will help ease pain caused by computer use, we cannot guarantee 100% healing success in all situations/injuries.  The simplest way to know if it will help you is to try it to see if it helps.  You'll be able to tell the difference either right away, or within a few days - especially when switching back to your old mouse pad after using a Loftmat for a while.  Over time, most users report a great reduction or complete removal of their daily wrist pains/aches.

Q: Will a Loftmat mouse pad fix or prevent carpal tunnel?
A: A Loftmat mouse pad will help to reduce the risk of some of the pressure-caused inflammation issues of carpal tunnel syndrome, and for office workers/gamers, this is a large part of the carpal tunnel formation, but it is not the only factor.  Repetitive motions, such as flicking your wrist back and forth is also a factor.  Loftmat also helps with reducing these extreme repetitive motions by allowing your whole arm and hand to freely move anywhere on the mouse pad surface.  While Loftmat mouse pads are designed to reduce the dangers of traditional gel rests and mouse pads, any activity performed in excess without periods of rest for healing will eventually cause increased damage. 

Q: Is Loftmat only for people with wrist pain?  
A:  Absolutely not!  We have so many happy customers who just simply enjoy having a super comfortable mouse pad and a cushioned area on their desks!   A Loftmat will scientifically provide an extra layer of ergonomic protection to your wrist to help reduce the risks of wrist damage as well.

Q: I have wrist pain, how long will it take for wrist pain to ease when using a Loftmat?  
A: Most users we hear from experience immediate relief of some amount, and others report that while immediate relief was there, it took more than 3 months for the deep pains to subside nearly completely, helping them avoid inevitable surgery.  It depends on the source of the pain in your wrist.  In short, you should feel some immediate relief with a Loftmat compared to a typical gel or flat mouse pad.  It is possible that some wrist damage may still only be repairable by extreme rest, therapy or surgery.  Still, a Loftmat may be worth a try to see if it can create a more protective work area to help your wrist heal by not being repetitively aggravated from a hard desk or localized gel pressure point.  It has helped many.

Q:  Will Loftmat save me from my bad posture?
A:  We always recommend proper posture and office ergonomics to help protect your joints and nerves.  In good posture, we have designed our Pillowcore mouse pads to disperse pressure points to help reduce the damage to your carpal area.  Loftmats can help reduce inflammation damage to those joints, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves during bad posture moments, but a Loftmat won't save you from all the damaging effects of bad posture.  

Q: Will the Loftmat Pillowcore mouse pads protect my wrists when compared with no pad or a wrist rest? 
A: With reasonably proper posture, they are scientifically designed to do so, but as is with the pain cases above, we cannot make any guarantee of absolute protection because all use and postures, injuries, etc, are different, and no one thing can protect you when other posture factors may nullify the positive effects of the Loftmat.  What we can say is the Loftmat Pillowcore mouse pads disperses the normal desk pressures over a larger area of your hand and arm which will increase blood flow and is scientifically likely to cause less inflammation over time when compared with other options like wrist rests.  The Loftmat is the best long term option available and blends the ergonomic benefits of both the wrist rest and the flat mouse pad together, while removing their weaknesses.  




Some slight variances in stitching, or visual fabric textures may naturally occur in our mouse pads during manufacture.  If you have any concerns with the quality of our products or received a damaged, scratchy, or defective product, please contact us directly and let us know so we can help you with a resolution. 

The Pillowcore mouse pads are scientifically researched and designed to lessen pressures and impact points when compared with using other mouse pad options.  Most users experience a relief of hand and wrist pain or fatigue when using our cushioned-top mouse pads and mats.  This said, no absolute guarantee can be made of protection from any damage or pain for all.  You as the user of our (or any) product should be mindful of damaging repetitive motions, uncomfortable pressures, postures, etc, and the risks of living a daily life.  Do everything you can to make choices accordingly to keep yourself healthy and pain-free.  Our goal in designing these is to help make a desk exponentially more comfortable, to encourage comfort, increased protection and healing, and to bring a little more happiness to your day.  Scientifically we have met these goals with Loftmat, and we hope that you are one of the many who will benefit and enjoy a more comfortable work and play surface long into the future.