We are a group of computer people, systems engineers, gamers, and creatives, dedicated to improving the computer spaces around us, to be more comfortable, happier, and safer for all.  Through simple, lasting products that require no training to use, we are excited to bring revolutionary comfort and pain relief to the workforce and gaming communities. 

After 35 years of the computer mouse being invented -and after 35 years of our wrists and hands being neglected, with patents pending, we at Loftmat have put real "padding" in the mouse pad.  

All of our products are fabricated in Idaho, USA, by American workers using quality non-allergenic materials.  We continue to hold out, against outsourcing pressures and rising costs, to keep product assembly and manufacturing local.  

From all of us at Loftmat USA, we thank you for your support and we sincerely hope our products bring you a great amount of desk comfort, positivity, and healing; and perhaps a little smile of happiness at the improvement a Loftmat makes to your long days of work and play. 

All of us at Loftmat USA