LOFTMAT (15x20 inch) Cushioned Gaming Mouse Pad - "The Gaming Oversized"



This extra-wide large cushioned gaming pad, built for wide non-stop sweeping motion, measures 15 inches by 20 inches.  

It is cushioned over the entire top surface which allows for unrestricted mousing movement, and provides constant ergonomic wrist support and pressure-point absorption wherever your hand travels.  

It is carefully designed for gaming and built with a tight and fast top surface for high performance while still remaining incredibly ergonomic and pressure-point dissipating for long term daily play and use.  Featuring our own PillowCore cushion-top design, this pad will comfort your nerves. 

-The top surface is laminated with a slick and consistent clean-pattern synthetic fabric for a precision mousing surface to minimize trajectory drift and optical noise for all mouse types. 

-The entire bottom surface is made from high quality rubber with a no-slip micro-tread pattern to keep the mat in solid place. 

-The core of the pad contains a carefully designed foam to cushion and support with instant re-expansion and no indentation memory, allowing free motion over the entire pad without experiencing dips from use. 

-The pads are also rigid in design to allow for some overhang support in some applications and to ensure the mat stays unmoved throughout use.  

-Soft stitched edges provide a lasting, non-separating construction, with an attractively subtle design and high quality standard.  

*Mouse shown for size, and is not included