LOFTMAT (5x7 inch) Cushioned Arm Rest - "The Arm Mat"
LOFTMAT (5x7 inch) Cushioned Arm Rest - "The Arm Mat"


LOFTMAT (5x7 inch) Cushioned Arm Rest - "The Arm Mat"

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This small PillowCore cushion measures 5 inches by 7 inches and can be used in various ways as a wide wrist rest or narrow arm rest depending on desire.  

Many users use this as a trackball-mouse arm rest or a rest for use with a mouse on the desk itself.  

It is carefully designed for office use and built with an ergonomic and pressure-point dissipating top surface for long term daily use.  Featuring our own PillowCore design, this pad will bring comfort to your daily work life. 


-The entire bottom surface is made from high quality rubber with a no-slip micro-tread pattern to keep the mat in place full time. 

-These pads are rigid in design to keep them in place and unmoved when used. 

-The core of the pad contains a carefully designed foam to cushion and support with instant re-expansion and no indentation memory over time

-Soft stitched edges provide a lasting, non-separating construction, with an attractively subtle design and high quality standard.  

Whether you use this as a simple desk softening arm rest or as a super micro mouse pad, it is sure to bring a new and wonderful comfort to your work space. 

*Mouse shown to indicate size, mouse not included.