Leading Office Ergonomists Now Suggest...

Leading Office Ergonomists Now Suggest...

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Leading ergonomists now suggest...

Don’t Use a Wrist Rest
Recent research has shown that using a common wrist rest doubles the pressure inside the carpal tunnel when compared with using a flat pad or no mouse pad at all. Carpal injury occurs not only in direct relation to positioning, but also in association with resting compression and impact points. When you rest your arm on a localized area on your wrist, you compress blood vessels, tendons, and nerves that travel through your wrist. Doing so for too long, can cause inflamed tendons and nerve entrapment. This same concept can also apply to the nerves and vessels in the elbows.

Avoid Restricting Circulation
Blood vessels exist near the skin at the wrist. Any pressure in this region will disrupt circulation into the hand and this will increase the risks of injury.

Avoid Restricting Arm Movement
A wrist rest style mouse pad forces the forearm to become static or “locked” into a constant position on the rest, which encourages people to make mouse movements by flicking the wrist, which also increases intracarpal pressure and inflammation. The recommendation is to keep the mouse and arm able to be free moving, not stuck on one lift point.

Solution? Loftmat Mouse Pads & Keyboard Mats

Loftmat Products with Pillowcore
Loftmat has custom designed, tested, and fabricated office comfort products to help mitigate these findings. Our mouse pads efficiently absorb impact points away from the user’s wrist, and provide an entirely usable mousing surface to allow for unrestricted movement, while naturally lifting the mouse/wrist area slightly to decrease posture angles on the wrist, maintaining a neutral wrist position.

Our keyboard mats also lift, and do so while dissipating pressures away from localized areas. They offer some of the softest rest experience available on the market today, unlike dense gel, bead, rubber, or memory foam types.

All of our products include very high quality, instant-rebounding foams. We do not use memory foam because memory foam creates dips and valleys that encourage less movement and more localized pressure as those foams compress to their bottom-out point. Our foams rebound instantly and have no memory, so a user may change their hand positioning from moment to moment and are free to move across the pads without hindrance.

Loftmat mouse pads and keyboard mats are an excellent option for office employees who spend multiple hours in front of a computer. With caring customer service and quality craftsmanship, Loftmat is the highest standard in soft ergonomic desk products.
Loftmat products now available: