TRBS Podcast Mentioned Us!

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Here at Loftmat we are a group of nerds, (I mean, we make mouse pads here, that is obviously nerdy, right?) (Do you know how often I still get made fun of for making mouse pads?)  Anyway, we listen to "The Real Brian Show" podcast in our factory, and it makes our day brighter.   ...And, this week Brian mentioned us on his podcast, so just for fun, and still unbeknownst to Brian, we decided to offer our fellow TRBS family (and anyone else) a 7% off coupon through Saturday 5/7/22!  Use Coupon Code: TRBS

ALSO, go have a listen to Brian's "The Real Brian Show" podcast or watch his YouTube channel if you are also a little bit of a nerd like us.  He's casual, totally random, edifying and uplifting even through difficult life topics; and he interviews some fascinating people.  His podcast is a fun resource of hilarity and encouragement to have around in daily life.

His YouTube channel is here:

His "The Real Brian Show" podcast can be found in your favorite podcast app, like Spotify or iTunes or Podcast Addict, etc..

Keep "Rocking-It" Brian!

-Paul and the Loftmat Team


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