About Loftmat

Loftmat was formed to innovate ergonomic work-surface products so people around the world could have a safer, happier, and more comfortable daily work and play experience.  Loftmat was also formed intentionally to bless those locally in need with new and easily trainable jobs by keeping manufacturing local.  

In 2018, Loftmat made the decision to construct their own manufacturing plant in Idaho, USA, in order to keep all mouse pad design, raw material processing, cutting, and assembly local; furthering the continued vision to help those in need.  

Loftmat is continuing to expand in Idaho.  We are also working on the opportunity to multiply the same vision of help and hope to other areas of the U.S. that could benefit from a little economic help through our simple manufacturing facilities.  

Through our products, if we can bring daily office relief and a little bit of happiness to people around the world while also encouraging the many people who are locally in front of us through more jobs, it is a win.

We at Loftmat thank you deeply for your support, and we sincerely hope our products, through the comfort they bring, encourage your daily life to be more positive and relaxed in the process.